Fruit Bowl – An Exciting One Minute Party Game


Fruit Pairs – Fun Party Game

This game can be played with an even number of players as you need to make some pairs. Ask all the members present in your New Year’s Eve party to get into pairs and give each pair a name of a fruit.

Now take a big bowl which is actually the Fruit Bowl name of the New Party Game and add the slips with the names of the fruits which you have given to the couples out there. Start calling the names of fruits in a random order from the Fruit Bowl. When you call out the name of the fruit the particular pair of the fruit name will stand up and swop their places with each other. The players have to swop the place immediately. The pair which takes time will be out of the game. As the game proceeds and fewer players are left, call out two-three fruits names together to create confusion.

This is a funny one minute game and also a best New year party game.



    • I meant that you can give a name of fruit to a pair. for example Meena-Reena are partners, you can give them the name of grapes. So when you call out Grapes from the fruit bowl, both meena and reena will stand up and swap their places. Hope you got it.


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