Friendship Day Tambola: Kitty Party Games

friendship day tambola

2nd August, first Sunday of August is the friendship day and if you are planning to organize a friendship day theme kitty party, here is the special Friendship Day Tambola.

Friendship Day Tambolafriendship day tambola

Things Required

  • Printouts of the plain tambola ticket below.
  • Tambola numbers and boardfriendship day tambola game

How To Play

  • Get the ticket printouts according to the number of members in your kitty party
  • Write one number on each child and 5 numbers in the star in between.
  • Play the game with normal tambola numbers and board.

Friendship day tambola dividends

  1. Green friends- when numbers on green children are cut
  2. Blue friends- when numbers on blue children are cut
  3. Red friends- when numbers on red children are cut
  4. Girl friends- when all numbers on girls are cut
  5. Boy friends- when all numbers on boys are cut
  6. Start Friends- when all numbers in the star are cut
  7. Happy Friendship Day- Full House

This is a simple yet nice tambola game best suitable for your Friendship Day Kitty Party. Do let me know if you have any doubts or need any help.



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