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5 Best Games For Friendship Day Theme Kitty Party

I guess I am a bit late in publishing Friendship Day Kitty Party Games post but still I want to publish it today. I am getting many messages of my readers worldwide that they are planning to do a Friendship Day Theme Kitty Party and thus need games, so this post is just for them. Honestly I don’t have many ideas for this theme but still, have tried my best to make some good games for you.

5 Best Friendship Day Kitty Party Games

Mirror Game-

  • This is a kind of paper game to play in your ladies kitty party. In  this game, the host has to make the game sheets. She has to write the names of all members in the kitty party in reverese order on one sheet.
  • Get the photo copy of the sheet according to the numbers of members in your kitty party.
  • Give one sheet to every member and they have to guess and write the correct name of the kitty party members written on  the sheet.
  • The member who guesses maximum correct names in the given time will be the winner of this game.

Give your gifts to your friends

This is a tambola game for your friendship day theme kitty party. In this game you have to paste the tambola ticket on a plain sheet and give one sheet to every member  to play. The members now have to write the names of their three friends in front of every line. For example I wrote name Sunita in front of my top line and I get that dividend. Then I have to give my gift to that friend. The house gift is for you and the lines gifts are for your friends because its friendship day. Make sure that every memebrs’ name is written in some or the other ticket.

Dosti Songs

This is again a written game for your friendship day theme kitty party. In this game, the host has to give one sheet to every member and they have to write the bollywood songs based on friendship. The member who writes maximum nunber of correct songs will win the game.

Friendship Band

This is an activity game and you need a double sided tape, straw pipe and the thermocol balls to play this game. The members have to tie the tape in their own hand as a band and then with the help of straw pipe they have to stick the balls on the tape and make it as a colorful decorative friendship band. The member who makes the prettiest band will be the winner of this game.

Pencils and Rubber Band

This is a couple game and you have to call two friends together to play this game. You need pencils and rubber bands to play this game.  In this game both of them will hold the pencils in their mouths and transfer the rubber bands from one pencil to other. The pair of friends who tranfers the rubber bands first will be the winner of this game.

So, these were my 5 best friendship day kitty party games for your kitty party. Do let me know if you have some other intresting ideas to add on here. Will be more than happy to publish the games under your name.


A Very Happy Friendship Day To All My Friends

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