Engagement Party Games

engagement party games

Engagement Party Games can turn an engagement party to a fun-filled event for the bride- and groom-to-be . Correct games can celebrate the couple’s commitment and relationship to one another, and will be entertaining for the entire family and for the guests. Below are some very interesting games for an engagement party, check them out and do hit the like button if you liked my ideas.

Engagement Party Games engagement party games

Trivia Quiz

In this game, the bride family will ask questions to the groom and groom’s family will ask the questions to the bride about one another. The questions can be about the favourite colours, favourite places, food items, where they met etc etc. You can also book an anchor for the party who will ask questions from guests about bride and groom-to-be. Its an interesting idea and creates a fun and laughter in the dull and uneventful engagement party.

Diamond Ring Engagement Party Game

This is one of the most popular engagement party games played. In this game every guest is given an ice cube and their challenge is to melt and carve it into a diamond shape. The guest who does that first will be the winner of the game.

I Never Engagement Party Games

This game has to be played with all couples in the engagement party. Give 20 pieces of candy to each couple. Let the couple decide who will speak. Suppose husband is speaking, he has to start each of his sentence with “I never”. For example- I never drink alcohol, if the statement is true, the wife will eat one piece of candy. Couple who will finish up with the maximum pieces candy – that’s your winner! Be honest……

Raise The Shoe

Make the couple sits back to back on chairs. Ask them to share one their shoes with each other. That means the groom will hold one his, and one his bride’s shoe and similarly the bride-to-be will hold one her and one groom’s shoe. The anchor will then ask some questions, and both have to raise the shoe according to the answer. When both bride and groom-to-be will raise the same shoe in any answer they will get one point. It is one of the funniest engagement party games to create fun and laughter in the party.

The questions can be-

  • Who is the better driver?
  • Who is the better cook?
  • Who said I love you first?
  • Who has the wackiest family?
  • Which one the two snores?
  • Who asks the maximum questions?
  • Who says I love you the most each day?
  • Who has the last word in an argument?
  • Who has the control over the jack box?
  • Who talks the most?
  • Who is the fastest driver?
  • Who is the leader in the home?
  • Who is the better kisser?
  • Who has the slowest speed?
  • Who has the control of remote control?
  • Who do you love the most?

These were some very nice and interesting engagement party games. Do hit the FB like button if you liked my ideas and also feel free to share your party ideas and games here.



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