Easter Party Games For Teens : Egg Relay Race

easter party games for teens

Easter Party Games For Teens . Now that we have just a few days left for the grand celebration of Easter, you might be looking for some good Easter party ideas and games. There are lots and lots of Easter party games for kids but when you are inviting some teens in your Easters party you have to think a bit differently. Teen never love to play the kiddish games but when it is Easter everyone wants to play the games and have fun. You might find this as a kidding game but believe me teens will love playing this game in your Easter party this year. This is a simple yet entertaining game for teens in your Easter party. 

Easter Party Games For Teens

easter party games for teens

The image says it all, Yes you guessed it correct. It is an Egg spoon race but with a little twist. We have put it as the Egg Relay Race where the teens in the party will pass this egg to their partner and complete the race.

Before you start the game divide the teens into two teams and make them stand at a certain distance. At the end of the row keep a bucket where the players have to drop the eggs. Near the starting end of the row keep a basket filled with the plastic eggs and give each player a spoon. The player standing first will pick the egg , keep it on the spoon and run. She/he will then transfer the egg into the next partner’s spoon then he/she will run and give to the third partner and so on. The member standing in the last will drop the egg in the bucket. You can keep the relay according to your lawn. If you have a big lawn make them stand at a good distance and if you have small space ask them to stand with a hand distance. You can also play it in a different way where all the team member will stand in a line, first member will take egg in her spoon and take a round of lawn, pass it to next player’s spoon and then he/she will take the round of lawn and pass it to the next player and so on.

You can buy the Easter Plastic Eggs for this game. This is a simple relay race with a twist and so the teens in your Easter party will surely enjoy playing it. Please do share if you have some more ideas on Easter party games for teens.

Have Fun 🙂


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