Couple Game Kitty Party Game With Balloons


This is not a new or unique game but is indeed a very funny game to play with couples in any of your kitty parties, office parties, family parties or even in picnics.

Thing Required

Multi colored balloons only.

How to play Couple Game Kitty Party With Balloons

  • To play this game you need different colored balloons tied in one single knot.
  • Ask the husband and wife together on the floor and keep all the balloons on a table at a distance.
  • The husband will now start calling the colors and the wife has to get up, run to the table, bring that particular color balloon, sit on husband’s lap and burst it.
  • This is a one minute game and the couple who manages to burst maximum number of balloons in one minute will be the winner of the game.

It is not compulsory to make them sit on the floor, they can also sit on a chair or a sofa as comfortable.

This is a very fun game and will certainly bring a laughter riot in your couple kitty party. Make sure your guests are gutsy enough to digest this naughty couple game.

I hope you are clear with the game and if you have any doubts with this game or with any other game in my blog, please do leave a comment down below in the comment section and I am here to solve all your queries.

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