Cotton Jumpsuit: Perfect Summer Business Casuals


Finding correct workwear is a challenge for women, it has to be comfortable, decent and yet stylish at the same time, specifically for the curvy women. While it is all about confidence always, I believe that one should wear something which suits them. So, if you are a curvy woman and have to compromise with the Indian suits just because you didn’t find anything good to buy, try this plus size cotton jumpsuit once.

cotton jumpsuit

The best option for the summer business casual women is a jumpsuit and specifically the cotton jumpsuits. Whenever we talk about the casual summer outfit ideas, the first thing that comes in our minds is the cotton fabric and moreover the Indian cotton suits, but women today don’t really want to wear the suits to their work. This is where buying a cotton jumpsuit is a perfect choice.

I recently bought this Blue Kelly Plus Size Wrap Around Jumpsuit from Stalk Buy Love and trust me I am totally in love with this. Stalk Buy Love currently is my favorite website to buy western outfits online. 

Plus Size Wrap Around Cotton Jumpsuit

This is indeed a chic front plated plus size jumpsuit which will keep you at your comfort and yeah, will make you look stylish too. You can pair it up with flat shoes or even with the trendy heels to get a completely sassy look. Made in cotton linen fabric, this jumpsuit is lined and has pockets at front. It has a front opening and also a fly at front.

I’ve carried this cotton jumpsuit for two of my meetings so far and got so many compliments already. At first instance, you might find the fabric a bit thicker but it is very comfortable to wear in such scorching summers.

I always wanted to wear the jumpsuits but being a plus size curvy woman I never could gather the courage to buy one. Thankfully I landed on this wonderful jumpsuit from Stalk But Love and got to style it.

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