Kitty Party Themes : Christmas Theme for your kitty party


Kitty Party Themes . Christmas is knocking at the door and it won’t be wrong saying that the Christmas celebration is already started. Christmas is the biggest feast for the Catholics after Easter according to the Christian Calendar. Though Christmas is a purely Catholic festival but as it is related with joy and fun, everybody wants to add something special in their Christmas party. You can also take Christmas as your kitty party theme.chritsmas party games

Kitty Party Themes : Christmas Theme for your kitty party

Today I am sharing a few games with you that you can use in your Christmas theme kitty Party. As you are keeping Christmas as your theme for the kitty party, make sure that you decorate the party hall accordingly.

Christmas decoration is all about the bells, stars, light, candies, cookies etc. And as far as Christmas feast is concerned, it is all about the cakes, cookies, drinks etc.

Games for Christmas Kitty Party-

Christmas Party Game #1face the cookie

Face the cookie– In this game the player has to move total of two cookies from their forehead to their mouth using only their facial muscles. They can’t touch the cookies. Oreo cookies are the best to play this game. They can use as many cookies as they want. The time limit is one minute and they have to bring at least two cookies from forehead to mouth and eat it.

Christmas Party Games # 2wreath relay

Wreath Relay- Two players as a team will play this game. Teammates have to transfer a decorated wreath using only their bodies from shoulders up and hang it to a pole in the party hall. They can’t touch the wreath with their hands. You can also arrange this game with a team where all team members will pass the wreath as we do in a relay race. But the condition is same they have to transfer the wreath with their bodies from shoulder and up.

Party Game # 3

Give it a twirl– For this game you need a wine glass and small marbles. The player need to turn the wine glass upside down and twirl a marble in it and transfer it into a bowl kept at a distance.

Christmas Party Party Games # 5

Christmas cliffhanger– In this game you need some Christmas cards placed on a table making a mount. The player will stand by the side of the table and blow the card in such a way that the card to make them turn over the edge without falling. You will keep 6 cards on the table and the player manages to hold maximum cards on the edge of the table is the winner of the game.





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