Christmas Party Games at Home : Candy Cane Relay Race


Looking for Christmas Party Games at home? Check out the Candy Cane Relay Race. Check out the Candy Cane Relay Race, its one of the best suitable Christmas party games at homeCandy canes are one of the most popularly used items in Christmas and this Christmas Party Game is all about candy canes. This is actually a Candy Canes Relay game.

Christmas Party Games at Home

Christmas party games at home

You might need many candy canes for this game. This can be played with a single player as well as a team game. Divide all your kitty members to teams with around 5-6 members in each team. Make the team members stand/sit in a row and give the first members 6 candy canes. She will put one candy cane in her mouth and hang the rest of the canes on it. Make all team members stand at a distance and give one candy cane each and ask the to hold it in the mouth. The first member will move to second and pass the candy canes to her cane, she will then pass it to the third member and so on. The last member will drop the cans on the table.

First team member will keep the candy canes between fingers and then pass it to the fingers of the second member, he/she will then pass it to the third member and so on. The last member of the team will then leave the candy canes on the table. If a team drops the candy cans, they have to start it again. The team finishing the task in minimum time limit will be the winner of this game.

As we are using Candy canes in this game, it suits best as a Christmas party game and you can play it easily at home. It is one of the most commonly played Christmas Party Games at home.


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