Christmas Party For Kids




Christmas is just about to arrive and it’s the time of gifts, parties and celebrations. Everybody regardless of the age waits eagerly for the Christmas as it the season of having fun and there is merriment all over. Are you going to throw a Christmas party this year, if yes then this piece of writing will be very helpful to you.

Christmas party invitations- Whenever we decide to throw a party the first thing that we have to prepare is the party invitation. As we are here talking about the Christmas party for kids the invitations should be designed accordingly. You can get your invitation designed with the embellishments of Christmas such as Santa, Reindeer, bells, stars etc. Here are a few designs for the Christmas party invitations.

Party cuisine- As we all know that Christmas is associated with cakes and pastries, so these are the must food items in a kids Christmas party. Other than these you can also make apple pie, Apple Caramel, cookies, chocolates, puddings, French fries and much more. Look for more Christmas recipes in our cuisine and recipes section.

Christmas party costumes- The costumes for the kids Christmas party is pretty obvious. You can ask the kids to dress up as Santa, fairies, reindeers, elf, or even as some super heroes.

Christmas party games-

  • Unwrapping the gifts- This is a fun game and kids enjoy playing them. Make all the kids sit in a circle round the table and give them a dice. Take a gift and wrap it with many wraps one over the other. The kid who get 6 in his/her dice will start opening the gift till another kids gets six in his/her dice. Then that kid will come and unwrap the gift.
  • Christmas Bingo- Bingo is a very common game, in the Christmas party you can add some Christmas pictures in the Bingo board to make it relevant to the theme.
  • Guess the gift- Fill in many gifts in a stockings and let the kids guess the gifts just by touching and feeling them, the one who guess the right gets that gift.
  • Find the reindeer- Before the party starts; hide a small toy reindeer in the party hall somewhere under the table, behind the curtains, in the pot or anywhere else. Give one minute time and tell the kids to find it. The kid who brings it is the winner of the game.
  • Suck the Ornament– In this game you have to mix the small Christmas ornaments in between cocoa beans. Give one straw  to each kid and ask him/her to suck the ornaments through the straw and keep them in a separate plate. The child who takes more items wins.


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