Caramel Apple: Perfect Dessert For Your Kitty Party At Home


Apples are a nutritious source of key nutrients, and we all know that an Apple a day keeps the doctor away. Don’t worry we are not here to discuss the medical benefits of Apple, but today we will be making an interesting dessert item Caramel Apple with Apple for your upcoming kitty party at home.

No matter what all we have in the snacks, main course or drinks, desserts always play a major role in your kitty party or in fact in any kind of party. People always keep some space in their tummies for desserts. So here is an interesting dessert option for your next kitty party.

Caramel Apple Recipecaramel apple

Ingredients For Caramel Apple

•    1 tablespoon Cornflour
•    1 cup Milk
•    2 eggs
•    Some lemon juice
•    Apple (peeled )
•    2  tablespoon sugar
•    1tablespoon orange jam
•    2  Marie biscuits
•    100 grams walnuts(shelled and sliced)
•    50 grams of cherries(sliced)
•    Dissolved cocoa powder in water

How to make Caramel Apple At Home

•    Make a smooth paste by mixing milk, corn flour and keep it for boiling. Keep it sideways In another bowl put lemon juice on apples   mix it on low flames about ten minutes and keep sideways
•    Now mix sugar, Marie biscuits and orange jam. Add sliced cherries and walnuts, keep some quantity for Garnishing.
•    Mix cherry walnut mixture, egg biscuit mixture, and apples together.M ake two portions of Mixture.
•    Put one part into a caramelized pan and keep it for steaming about ten minutes.
•    Now pour another part on steamed pudding. Steam it again for fifteen minutes.
•    Garnish the ready pudding with walnuts, cherries and freeze it.
•    serve cooled delicious caramel apple on an apple-shaped serving dish.

While Apple is considered to be the best fruit for diet conscious people, let me tell you that here in the Caramel Apple we are adding loads of extra calories and it is nota dietary fruit anymore. But yeah, you and your guests will certainly enjoy the taste.



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