Chillies Help You Getting Slim, Says Canadian Researches

Chilies Help you Getting Slim

Recent studies done by researchers at Laval University Canada suggest that Chillies help you lose weight considerably. The study further states that Chillies contain a special compound which boosts our body’s ability to burn fat faster and also curbs the appetite which further helps reducing weight.

How Chillies Help you Getting Slim?Chilies Help you Getting Slim

Various researches state that eating spicy and hot food makes us feel warm and the reason behind the key compound Capsaicin present in chilly. It is no secret that eating spicy food makes us sweat and also makes our face red and hot.

The Capsaicin is a special chemical which gives chillies their typical hotness and pungency. Capsaicin turns all our food into heat immediately which means that we burn up all calories automatically rather than storing them in our body and turning into fat. This process is scientifically termed as diet-induced thermogenesis and proven to help the dieters reducing weight naturally.

Simply put diet induced thermogenesis helps in digestion, absorption and distribution of nutrients. It uses up the carbohydrates present in our meals. Scientists also prove that that spicing up the meal with chilli powder helps the digestion by increasing the level of diet induced thermogenesis.

Benefits of Chillies

  • Chillies not just helps burning the fat faster but also reduced the appetite.
  • A detailed study reported in the British Journal of Nutrition states that eating spicy food curbs our appetite and we eat significantly less.
  • Our taste buds are programmed to enjoy the fatty food and interestingly researchers have found that chili tricks eaters to think that meal contains more fat than it actually has.
  • The Canadian researchers found that spicy foot helps satisfying our cravings for fatty food.
  • Chillies help boosting our body metabolism.
  • Chillies detoxifies our body and removes the toxic wastes from our body.
  • The chemical Capsaicin present in chillies excrete endorphins which keeps our mood upbeat and also gives us a sense of pleasure. This is the reason that we usually like eating the spicy food.
  • Green chillies helps relieving the congestion. You might have noticed that having spicy food opens up the blocked nostrils.
  • Indian green chillies are rich source of Vitamin C which strengthens the natural immunity of our body.
  • Green chillies are rich in Vitamin E also and hence it helps you having a glowing skin.

The research and the results might interest the ladies hankering for a slim figure but Dr. Wendy Doyle of British Dietetic Association says, ‘This research is very interesting, but for effective weight loss, one has to take a lot of other factors into consideration. She says while chillies might help burn some of the excess calories from a high-fat diet, nutritionally, a lower fat, higher carbohydrate diet is still the best option, regardless of what our taste buds tell us.

In a nutshell, Chillies undoubtedly helps us reducing weight but we must not expect it to be a magic bullet which can dissolve all our ugly fat stores. Besides Chilli some other food items like Ginger, mustard, green tea, coconut oil, and coffee also boost the thermogenesis and helps our body to burn calories faster.



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