Cheetos Catch: Funny Games For Kids

Funny game for kids

This is one of the very funny games for kids I’ve ever seen. You can arrange this game in some of your family picnic at outdoor or even at your kid’s birthday party, but yeah it is best played in outdoors as may create a bit mess. Though, I am categorizing it in the list of games for kid,but you can play it with adults as well.

Funny Games For KidsFunny game for kids

Things Required

You need shower caps, shaving foam and packets of cheetos for this game.

How To Play

Ask the kids to wear their shower caps and then put a generous amount of shaving foam on each of the caps. Then make the kids stand at a set distance. Now the host will start throwing cheetos in the air and the kids have to catch them on their caps.

The cheetos will sticks to the shaving foam on their caps. The kids have to jump around to catch the cheetos and when the time is up, child with the maximum number of cheetos will be the winner of this game.

To make some variations, you can also call two kids as a team to play this game where one of them will throw the cheetos and the other partner will try tossing them on his cap.




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