Bridal Shower Games Big Groups : Save Your Balloons and Win

bridal shower games

Bridal Shower Games Big Groups . This is one of the most interesting games to be played in a bridal shower party and brings immense fun and laughter for sure. This game can be played with couples, kids, ladies or only with gents according to the party you are organizing it at. I arranged this games in a birthday party also and kids loved playing this game, bursting each other balloons.

Bridal Shower Games Big Groups

Bridal Shower Games Big Groups

Call all the couples on the dance floor and give them each a balloon. Ask everyone to tie the balloon in their feet.
Bridal Shower Games Big Groups

Start the music and make them dance. Now announce that everyone has to burst each other balloons while dancing keeping their balloons intact.
bridal shower games2The couples have to make sure that their balloons are intact if they want to win this game. You can bring different twists in this game such as to tie balloons on both feet. Or if you have complete family in the party you can ask everyone to tie the balloon and then family having maximum balloons intact will win the game.

Do let me know if you have any doubt with this Bridal Shower Games Big Groups or any other party games posted in my website. I am right here to solve all your queries regarding any of my party games. Your comments and suggestions are valuable for me. Also feel free to share if you have some more games ideas in your mind.



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