Bridal Shower Games For Couples : Feel It and Find Your Spouse


Bridal Shower Games for couples . The game is pretty obvious from the picture below but as I always do, I will explain this bridal game to you. This is a couple game and you can also play it as a couple party game or if you have both men and women in your bridal shower party, you can play it as a bridal shower game.

Bridal Shower Games For Couples

bridal shower games for couplesTo play this bridal shower game make all the men stand in a row with their pants up to knee and blindfold the wives. Now what the wives will do is to feel every man’s leg and recognize her husband. The men have to stay mum Any sound may result in elimination for that couple.

The couple completing the task in minimum time will win this bridal shower game. I have added this couple game in my list of bridal shower games but it is very much suitable as the couple kitty party game also.




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