Birthday Party Games : Face The Cookies


This is one of the best funny Birthday party games. This game is all about eating the cookies, and we all know how much our kids love eating the cookies. This game can be enjoyed in any type of parties but suits the most as the birthday party game for children. 

Best Funny Birthday Party Games with Cookiesfacethecookie

In this game the player has to move a total of two cookies from their forehead to their mouth using only their facial muscles. They can’t touch the cookies. Oreo cookies are the best to play this game. They can use as many cookies as they want. The time limit is one minute, and they have to bring at least two cookies from forehead to mouth and eat it.

Watch out the video to know the game more-


  1. hi shiwangi
    liked your blog. i am planning a party for my friends .the theme of my party is mastani / mardaani . will be keeping one of them . i require a paper game for the two of them ( at least 20 questions / guesses ).will you be able to help me .

    • Wow Aarti I liked the theme mastani/mardani. I will soon post some women based game and let you know. When is your kitty BTW and yeah thanks I am glad that you like my party games and ideas.

  2. Hi shivangi
    liked your party ideas..soon m going to throw a kitty for my friends with a “polka dot” theme..pls suggest me some games according to the theme..


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