Basant Panchami Theme Party : Great Fun

basant panchami theme party

Basant Panchami Theme Party. 

Mahak bhara basant ka mausam.
Sheet sharad ke ant ka mausam.
Dhoop gunguni lagati pyari,
Manbhavan basant ka mausam.

Lovely sight it was ! When we entered the Khel Gaon ground.

Scintillating sunlight, wonderfully decorated tables with lovely yellow kites, yellow flowers and balloons, the ground was looking absolutely fabulous . Kudos to the host who took so much pain to make the ground absolutely exotic and lively. As said by the hosts, most of the members were also decked up in lovely yellow colored outfits, so was I. basant panchami theme party

Yellow color denotes the spring season (Basant) and it symbolizes prosperity, light, energy and optimism and we were surely getting the positive energy and optimism as we entered to the party ground.

Well, we were the first three to reach the ground apart from the hosts of the party. At the entrance the hosts offered a basket full of beautiful hand made flowers in difficult colors. Me and my two friends took pink flower and that was our team/group. We took our seats on the table with pink flowers. All the tables in the ground had two baskets with peanuts (moongphali) and tasty candies. It was truly wonderful. basant panchami theme party

Members came gradually and took their respective seats. When most of the members were there, hosts started the meet with a lovely poem on Basant Panchami and then moved on to the interesting and exciting games.

Basant Panchami Theme Games

Dart Game – First game was a dart game and the dart board was hilarious. It was a funny over weight lady lying down in a yellow bikini. Some major sexy parts of the lady had points, for example, her thighs had 150 points, her over bulging belly had 200 points, and some other (CENSORED) parts had more points. Hosts were calling groups one by one to play the game. Every team was getting six chances to play dart and we unfortunately made just 50 points.

Ball hi Ball- 

basant panchami games 2The second game was to be played with big yellow balls. All members were standing in a row and first member passed the ball over her head to the member standing behind her, second member then passed the ball to next member between her legs, then again above head and so on. The last member was supposed to run in front again and pass the ball in the same way. It was a one minute game and we cracked 8 rounds and unfortunately the winning team scored 9 rounds.

Trail of the ball (ball ball bache)- 

basant panchami games

This was again a very interesting game. The host provided us yellow colored wooden trails and four yellow small balls. This was not a time bound game and members actually had to pass the ball through trail and drop it in a yellow bin kept at a good enough distance. We won this game as we scored three balls unlike other teams which scored 1-2 balls. It was a tough game but very interesting one indeed.


No celebration can be complete without music and when it is about Basant Panchami there has to be some musical game. Hosts kept the antakshari game which was again a good fun. Hosts offered a bowl full of chits and every chit had a word. We got the chit of word “phool” (flower) and unfortunately we managed to sing only 6 songs in one minute unlike other teams who sung 10-11 songs, but they got the easy words like dil, pyar etc. Well we enjoyed and that’s all what matters.

Yummy Cuisine For Basant Panchami Theme Party

There were yummy and delicious food items like pani puri, pav bhaji, chole bhature, aalo chat, dahi bade, cheela, faluda ice-cream and tea. Every item was absolutely lip smacking.

The meet was excellently planned and executed and we all had a great time. Wish all my readers a very happy Basant Panchami.

सर्दी को दे दो विदाई , 
बसंत की है ऋतु आई. 

बागों में बहार है, 
भौंरों की गुंजार है. 
तितली की भरमार है, 
कोयल की पुकार है. 

हम भी ढके बदन, 
बसंती पहने हैं वसन . 
रंगों का सुभ मिलन, 
रंग लगाता है फागन.

Happy Basant




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