Back Balloon Race: Birthday Party Game for Teens

balloon birthday party game for kids

It is always very difficult to entertain teens, and the reason is that they don’t like to get indulged in kiddish activities and also don’t like to be like adults. Today I am sharing the game names back balloon race which is a suitable birthday party game for teens. However, you can also play this game with small kids but playing it with teens would be great fun. If you are planning to throw the sixteenth birthday party of your daughter this year, this game suits the best to entertain her friends.

Birthday Party Game For Teens

balloon birthday party game for kids

The image says all but let me explain the game a bit. Call the teens in your party in the playing area and divide them into pairs. Ask them to make their pairs or you can help them. Now make a start and a finish line and give one blown balloon  to each pair. Their challenge is to reach the finish line first with balloon fixed between their backs. They are not allowed to touch the balloons or even touch each other’s hands. It would be better if you ask them to keep their hands up.

Blow the whistle and start the race. The pair which reached the finish line first will be the winner of this birthday party game for teens. It is a fun filled game and brings a great laughter in the party. The best thing is that it can engage all the teens in the party.

I have played this game even in my ladies kitty party and couple kitty party and it was a huge hit. Couples loved running to the finish line with balloons fixed in their backs.

Do try this game in your kid’s birthday this year or in your couple kitty party and do not forget to let me know if you liked this game or not. However, this is not a unique game but I found it suitable to be added in my list of birthday party games.


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