Baby Shower Games For Men: Try Being a Baby


Baby Shower Games For Men . This is one of the simple baby shower games for your baby shower party. The picture below is making the game pretty simple to understand. Yes it is a simple game and all you need are a few milk bottles. This baby shower game is a great fun when played with only men.

Baby Shower Games For Men

This is obviously an adult party game and is great fun when played in any baby shower party.

To play this baby shower game, call all the men in the party on to the game table where you have to keep the milk bottles filled with juice or any drink.

Men will now tie their hand back and pick the bottle from their mouths and finish the drink in it. They cannot use their hands to play this baby shower game and the only rule is that if the bottle fell down, they will be disqualified from the game.

baby shower games juice bottle

This is indeed one of the simplest baby shower games for men but believe me its a great fun watching men drinking the juice or milk like a baby. In this game the men are allowed to lie down on the floor like a baby or hold the bottle with legs like a baby. But the fun element is that you do not need to tell these rules to the men playing this game. You just tell them that they have to finish the juice in the bottle just as a baby do without touching their hands. This is the only rule in this game that the participants cannot touch the baby bottle with their hands. To win the prize they have to finish the entire bottle without touching it with hands. Do share some more baby shower games for men in the comment box below.



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