Apps Like Shein For Indian Users : 10 Best Shein Alternatives

apps like shein in india shein alternatives

Apps Like Shein In India. Indian Government has given the interim orders to ban 59 Chinese apps which include Shein and Romwe too. While most of the Indians are talking about the Tiktok Ban, I am only concerned about Shein Ban as almost 80% of my outfits were from this app.

Shein was my favorite online shopping app but it’s now getting banned in India. No doubt, this ban is for our own good but we still will miss the wonderful collection of SheIn app. Today, in this post, I am sharing the best possible alternatives for Shein App In India. 

Shein is among the highly sought after shopping websites for millennials, no doubt. It’s the favorite app/site for every fashionista who wants to look buy trendy and chic cloth items at a reasonable price range.

One of the best things about Shein was that it had an amazing collection for almost every body type, be it a skinny girl, a fit girl, or a figured curvy beauty. Well, don’t worry I will try my best to give you the best suitable options for websites like shein in India. apps like shein in india shein alternatives

Apps Like Shein In India

Lulu & Sky

Lulu & Sky would certainly be my first choice if I have to look for the shein alternatives. It has a great collection and the price range is also pretty nominal. There is also a web portal Lulu& and the app available in the play store.

Download It Here


Urbanic is a new app as compared to Lulu & Sky but has a pretty good collection of western outfits. You won’t get the Shein rates here but the collection and outfits quality is pretty good.

Download Urbanic

Download it here


Cilory has Indian outfits too along with the western outfits and the style and trend is not that chic like Shein but you can check this if you are looking for the apps like shein.

Download Cilory


Koovs can also be categorized as a good Shein alternative as it has only western collection of outfits and the rates are pretty reasonable too but then again, you will miss the trendy and stylish outfits of shein here.

Download Koovs Here


I like Ajio pretty much but for its Indian and Indo Western outfits. I’ve never bought any pure western clothes from Ajio but I can consider it as a shein alternative.

Download Ajio Here

Tata Cliq

Tata Cliq is a platform where you will get not just the clothes but many other items. It is basically an e-commerce platform where the sellers sell their stuff. I’ve recently ordered some outfits from Tata Cliq and they were pretty good in quality. The price range is again not as shein sadly.

Download It Here


I am not a big Myntra fan but again when we have to look for alternatives, we have to limit our choices. Myntra also has almost every category of clothing items for both men and women but they are not as chic and stylish as shein

Download it here

Nykaa Fashion

Not many people know but Nykaa also has a fashion segment apart from its cosmetic segment. The clothing items here are good but a bit pricey.

Download it here

Max Fashion India

Max Fashion is a nice app with a great collection at every price range and you will love the collection here. Do not expect the swimwear and beachwear like shein here on this website.

Download it here


I personally don’t like the western collection at Limeroad at all but just wanted to add it in the list, so that you can go and check if you like it.

Download it here. 

FAQs about Shein

There might be some questions in your mind regarding the Shein app.

Is Shein taking orders?

The app is still working and is open for the orders.

Will Shein deliver the orders placed?

The app is currently working in India and also open for the orders, but there is no official statement released from the app regarding the delivery of your placed orders or new orders.

What do I do if I have already placed the order in Shein?

While we are still trying to contact the website for exact answers, we think Shein will deliver the orders which are placed before the day of the ban.

Do let us know if you have any more questions regarding the Shein app and we will try to give you the answers. Also, let me know if you want to add some more names in the list of Apps like Shein in India.



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