5 Items: Interesting Party Game For Ladies


This is again a very interesting party game for ladies and suits best for every age group of ladies. You can also play this game with kids in a birthday party or with your family members in any of your family gathering. This game also suits your simple office parties.

Interesting Party Game For Ladies5 Items: Interesting Party Game For Ladies

Things Required:

  • A big box
  • Many small items (different colored buttons, needles, clutchers, stones, marbles etc.
  • White slips

How to play the interesting Party Game, 5 Items

  • To play this game in your ladies kitty party, you first need to take a big sized box and fill it many different items.
  • You can add the items like 5 white button, 5 black buttons, 5 needles, 5 clutchers, 5 bindis, 5 marbles etc.
  • Make sure that every item is 5 in numbers.
  • Make slips of the items you have added and keep them in a bowl.
  • Now when the game starts, you need to give the box and the slips bowl to each lady one by one.
  • The lady will first take out the slip and take those 5 items from the box and then take another slip.
  • This is a one minute party game and the lady who manages to complete 5 slip tasks in one minute will be the winner.

Make sure that the box is full packed with the things so that it is not easy for members to find the things they got in the slip. Also you can add some small and some big things to make the game a bit easy at the same time. Hope you liked this idea of Interesting Party Game For Ladies. Do like the post and share it with your friends if you like the game. Also feel free to share your games and ideas here on my blog, I will publish the game under your name. Keep visiting and Happy Kittying.


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