Tambola Game – Passing The Tambola Ticket

Passing Tambola ticket – Fun In Tambola

I am getting many comments on my blog asking for various tambola games with some different tambola tickets. So here I am with a separate new category for Tambola Games. I created this special category just for the middle aged group of kitty party who prefer playing tambola only on their kitty parties.

Well to start with my first type of Tambola is passing tambola game.

This tambola game is perfect for the kitty party in restaurant as we all are seated in a proper manner. To play this type of tambola. You need to pass on your tambola ticket to the member sitting next to you after every 5 numbers.

Are you getting me?

Let say, if I am the hosting and speaking the tambola numbers. All other members have their tambola tickets with them. Ask everyone to cut the numbers in a similar manner, for example as everyone to make a circle for every cut number.

Now when I will speak out 5 numbers I will say PASS and all the members will pass on their tambola ticket to the member next to her. Again I will speak out 5 numbers and say PASS and you will repeat the procedure.

You can keep the dividends simple like-

3 lines, corners, early five and houses.

The game will continue similar till the dividends all done.

I hope you got this game and if you have any kind of question you can leave it on the comment boxy below.


  1. RAHILA says

    dividend price will be given to the real owner of the ticket or the person presently playn wid d ticket…do help

    • shiwangi says

      Hey Rahilla, the person presently playing with the ticket will get the prize and this is the fun of the game. :)

      • RAHILA says

        Thnxxx for d rply…will definitly play dis tambola..
        n plz tell some more games on holi based theme.
        Waitn fo d rply

          • RAHILA says

            heyy will definitely send u d picz…..n uh plzz add some more fun games on holi basedd..mah kitty is on 12th…n most of d games we hve olready played in our kitty….so plzz help me out to make mah more njoiable….thnxxx

    • ANAND says

      It is better to keep the Tambola ticket with you and play till end instead of passing the ticket to the next person after every 5 numbers or 6 numbers. This is the way The Tambola Game is played all over the India and abroad.

      • says

        Hey Anand, I know tambola is played that ways worldwide but it is just an interesting twist in the game. Trust me it increases the fun quotient. Try it :)

  2. ranjeeta says

    Hi…passing tickets in tambola went awesome…all had a great time…now can you please tell few games for my godbharai(baby shower) function..

  3. KB says

    Now, this is a nice idea to play Tambola. But will people cancel the called nos. if they know that ticket will be passed to some one else.

  4. VARUN SETHI says


    • says

      I will try Manasi to make some interesting tambola on Jewellery theme party. By the way your theme seems to be interesting I would love to get the pictures of your party :)

    • says

      Whenever anyone gets some dividend cut he/she can claim the prize Malleka and you need not to but any special tickets for this tambola game. You can play it with the normal tambola tickets. Hope I’ve made myself clear :)

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