Paper Party Games For Holi – Interesting Game For Ladies

Paper Party Games For Holi. Here is a “Guess the Colours” special paper party game for Holi
All are required to answer with colours.

Like Historical monument- Lal kila

Paper Party Game For Holi

(Every answer will have a name of a colour in it)
1. A religious place in Punjab
2. Name of a cake
3. A punishment
4. Brand of a whisky
5. A cosmetic company
6. A vegetable
7. A sea
8. Movie for adults
9. Men’s shoes
10. A citrus fruit
11. Shoe polish
12. Biscuit
13. Lord shiva
14. A directory
15. A drug
16. A mountain



This is a paper party game which suits best to the Holi themed party, but you can arrange it any other parties also. This is a one minute party game and the players will get   one minute to solve the puzzle. You can play this paper party game both as a team game as well as an individual game.

Hope you liked this game. If you have any doubt or question regarding this paper party game, feel free to drop your query in the comment box below.



  1. snehit says

    Very creative and interesting games..Please do mail me the answers urgently..i need to conduct this game in my bday party..Hope u send it soon..Thanku…

    • shiwangi says

      Hey Snehit, I am glad that you liked the games and ideas here. There is a link for ANSWERS just below the game. Please do check.

    • says

      Here are the answers Nupur-

      Golden temple
      Brownie/ black forest
      Red label
      Blue heaven
      Green chilli
      Red sea
      Blue movie
      Red tape
      Cherry blossom
      Neel kanth
      Yellow pages
      Brown sugar

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