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September 19, 2019

games for valentines day party

valentine games

Interesting Game For Couples

Valentine Games Couples. Have you ever played the game musical chair without music? I guess ‘No’ would be your answer. This Valentine Game is much like the musical chair but without music. Valentine Games Couples This is a couple game but actually only husbands will play the game. In this game you first have to call […]

Valentine Games : Little Hearts In Your Mouths

Valentine Games . This is a wonderful party game to be played in couple kitty parties. We recently played this game in our Christmas theme kitty party, and I found it best suitable as a game for Valentines Day Party also. This is an interesting game and brought up a great laughter and fun in our […]

Valentines day game:Take the heart to the goal

Valentine Games. This is a real funny game, and I can say that because I tried this game in my couple kitty party. It was a great hit. Everyone  enjoyed this couple game very much, and it was good fun. Valentine Games With Balloons In this game you need some heart shaped balloons and a […]

Valentine Games

Valentines Games : Look for Cinderella’s Shoes

Valentine Games . In this game you need ask all the wives in the party to take off their shoes at one corner of the party hall and husbands to take off their shoes at the other corner. Valentine Games For Couples Now ask all of the present couples to stand in a queue in […]

Valentine Games for party

Valentine Games : Clip The Straw in hairs

Valentine Games .This is a simple and a very common 1 minute party game indeed but creates fun when played in couple kitty party. I can say that because we once played this 1 minute game as our couple kitty party game, and it was a great fun. Valentines Games- Straw In Hairs In this […]