Sparkling Diwali Offers: #JustEMI with Bajaj Finserv for exciting offers this festive season


Every year, around this time, families ranging from all across the nation breathlessly await the festive season which includes the auspicious festivals of Diwali and Dussehra, typically falling in October or November. Diwali, in particular, is popularly referred to as the celebration of happiness and the victory of light over darkness, and good over evil. For these very reasons, the festival is marked with the act of gifting loved ones, and colorful & vibrant celebrations.

Before and on Diwali, individuals gift their family members and friend in the form of sweets, clothes, and electronic gadgets – just to name a few. Not only is their a trend of gifting, but families also purchase products like lights, electronics, and other consumer durables as the day of Diwali is supposed to signal a period of good luck and fortune. Sellers in the market are quick to identify these festive trends. Most products are heavily promoted in the form of discounts, bulk promotions, contest giveaways, and free shipping/delivery to induce buyers, and in turn, increase brand loyalty & image. Some of the different types of products which are thrown into the spotlight during the festive period are –

Fashion Apparel  

Is it Diwali if you’re not dressing up? One of my favourite parts of the festival is shopping for those flashy kurtas – if you’re not dressing to look the best at the Diwali bash hosted by your friend, I am sorry you are doing Diwali wrong! This is the best time to hit the stores – or Flipkart’s fashion page and shop! Not only is the ethnic section attractively priced, but you can also look at stocking up your wardrobe for the winter.


Devices such as smartphones, headphones, and Bluetooth speakers are just common examples of electronic gadgets on sale during this period. Not only are these products the ideal gifts for your family or friends, but also present themselves as shrewd purchases for yourself – as they are the cheapest they will ever be all year.

Consumer Durables 

These are the most popular forms of products during the Diwali season. Consumer durables include a wide range of high-priced appliances, such as TVs, air-conditioners, and washing machines, amongst others. For me it makes the most sense buy these products now – they are priced at such a high price and therefore are subjected to heavy discounts and slashed prices.

Well, guess what, I just uncovered something which can make this Diwali even more cost-effective for you. Despite these heavy discounts, most of us are still cautious about making such purchases, and understandably so. However, this Diwali, you have the option to #JustEMI your shopping with Bajaj Finserv. EMI Network Cardholders can avail more than 1000+ exciting offers when they #JustEMI their purchases from the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network or from any of the 90,000+ retailers spread across more than 1,800 cities in India. So, what are you waiting for? Make this Diwali the best yet!

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