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September 22, 2019

Zero Coins: One Minute Party Game For Ladies Kitty Party

One Minute Kitty Party Game Zero Coins

Zero Coins is a nice and interesting kitty party game. We recently played this game in our couple kitty party, but it is also suitable for the ladies kitty party. The best thing is that you can play this one minute party game with all your kitty members at a time.

One Minute Kitty Party Game Zero CoinsOne Minute Kitty Party Game Zero Coins

Things required

Coins and Dice

How to play One Minute Kitty Party Game Zero Coins

  • Make everyone sit around a round table in a circle
  • Give 8 coins to each member and start the game with any random member.
  • Give dice to the first member and ask her to roll the dice.
  • She will roll the dice and according to the number she gets, she will give her coins to the lady on her right.
  • For example she gets 4 on her dice she will give 4 coins to the lady on her right and then next lady will roll the dice.
  • The lady whose coins finish first will be the winner.

Do try One Minute Kitty Party Game Zero Coins in your kitty party next time and let us know if your friends and members liked it or not.

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