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September 19, 2019

Ribbon Roll: One Minute Couple Party Game

Ribbon Roll is a very nice and interesting one minute couple party game and is suitable for all kinds of parties, may it be a Christmas party, a housewarming party or even a couple kitty party.

One Minute Couple Party Game
one minute couple party game

As the image above shows, it is a couple party game and is to be played with couples. You need two belted rods or scales for this game and a ribbon of course. Call the couple to the playing area and tie the rods to their waist. Also roll the ribbon one of the rods. The task for the couple is to shift the ribbon roll from one rod to the other without using their hands.

This is a one minute Couple party game and thus the couple will get a minute to complete the challenge. The couple who transfers most of the ribbon will be the winner.

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