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September 16, 2019


Simple rangoli design for beginners

Simple Rangoli Design For Beginners

Diwali is almost here and we Indians are already in festive mood. Making rangoli is one of the major part of Diwali celebrations and today I am sharing a video tutorial of a simple rangoli for beginners. Making rangoli is not difficult at all, if made with love and joyous mood. Simple Rangoli Design For […]

How To Darken Your Mehandi

Tomorrow is Karva Chauth and the entire market is flooded with the mehandi artists in every city. Ladies are waiting in long queus to get the lovely beautiful mehandi designs on their hands. One of the major criteria today is to get the best mehandi design and other is to get a dark mehandi. Yes […]

Best Arabic Mehandi Designs 2015

It is the festive season in India now with some interesting traditional festivals like Karva Chauth, Navratri and Dusshera. Ladies all around might be preparing to get their hands inked with some lovely and amazing designs of Mehandi. Today I am sharing latest and Best Arabic Mehandi Designs  for all occasions and festivals. Best Arabic Mehandi […]

Miraculous baby born twice

Miracle Baby Born Twice: Doctors took out the baby and put her back in the womb after two hours.

Miracles happen, but this is something absolutely astounding and breathtaking. Doctors of Texas Children Hospital recently performed a life saving surgery where a baby was born twice. Yes I mean it. Doctors took out the baby and put her back in the womb after two hours. Miracle Baby Born Twice   Keri McCartney, a resident […]

glus bra extender

Glus Bra Extender: Extend Your Bra to 2 Inches approx

Are you discarding your old bra because you have gained weight? Are you pregnant and can’t fit in your old bra. If the answers to this questions are yes, I have a perfect solution for your problems with bra. Glus Bra Extender, yes this is a nice accessory which will help you extend the bra […]