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September 16, 2019

Interesting Couple Game Suitable for Office Party and Kitty Party

interesting couple game

Today I am sharing an interesting couple game which is a bit difficult. Usually, my all games are simple and easy to play this game challenge is a bit difficult and might not be suitable for kids at least.

Interesting Couple Game

interesting couple game

So this is a couple game and you can play this game with your colleagues in your office party or with couples in your couple kitty party or with ladies in your ladies kitty party too. Basically, you need two people to play this game as a team.

You need just coins to play this game and nothing else. You can play this game on a table or on the floor as you and your members are comfortable.

So the challenge is this game is to hold the coin standing (upright). One of the two members will roll the coin on the table or the floor and the other member has to hold it standing means upright. The image above may make it a bit clearer but if you are still confused you can also watch the video below.

You can also play this game in your society party or in some mela where you need to put the game stalls. Do let me know via comments if you still have some doubts in this game or in any of my games.

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