Best Diwali Decoration Ideas For A Bright & Beautiful Home


Diwali is fast approaching and all are rearranging their house or busy cleaning. Right from cleaning to decorating, there are lots to be done and taken care of. Each year everyone comes up with innovative DIY Diwali Decoration ideas.

If you are looking for quick and creative decoration ideas for your home, you can go through here for some best Diwali decoration ideas 2019.

2019 Diwali decoration ideas

Diwali Torans

Diwali torans are impressive decorative pieces that are auspicious elements as well. Make torans using recycled items and create an authentic charm for this festive season. You can keep it minimalist chic, so go with ‘less is more approach.’ Put glitter strategically to give an appealing look.

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Rangoli For Diwali

Diwali decoration is incomplete without a rangoli.  Use leftover ‘gulal’ or Rangoli colors from Holi. It is a unique and beautiful design. You can enhance the look by adding candles, diyas, small lamps, flower petals, and lots more. Check out these latest Diwali Rangoli Designs and you can use the rangoli stencils to make them.

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Wall hangings

Create wall decoration on your own. It can be anything using old CDs, cloth pieces, newspapers, or cardboard. Festoon with a string of lights the wall hangings and it will be the most affordable Diwali decoration ideas. You can fashion lights and seashells, and string them along. Decorate your offices and homes, it is essential to decorate the walls. The walls boring plain colors are boring. During festival season such as Diwali put on wall hangings.

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Floating candles

A simple way of adding old-world charm to any room is possible. Just fill a glass bowl with water and gently float tea-lights in it. You can add flowers, or colors to create a unique decoration.

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Adding lights

The exteriors in a house look great on adding lights. It can be done in any style to make it astonishingly creative decoration. Diwali represents a festive of lights and this can be done in glass vases or place the diyas in a Rangoli style to get the amazing effect.

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Your garden is the most attractive place. You can hang the string of lights on the branches. There is no need for any specific decoration. Lights on its own look appealing and with lights around the garden spread the festive fervor and warmth.

Diwali Coasters

Coasters are a must during Diwali. You can highlight it with Diwali themes. It will be an eye-catcher. You can use artificial mirrors or paints to create intricate designs and add extra effects to the living room.

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Flowers & Candles

Diwali decoration is incomplete without flowers and candles. You may add newness by arranging flowers and candles everywhere at home. You may create low centerpieces and place the floating candles and flowers. It will be the highlight of this festive season and brighten the place.

Everybody has lampshades. But this year you may avoid buying the readymade lampshades. Instead, use some packing material or small cardboard boxes to make unique lamps. Cut it out giving interesting shapes and ensure there is space for a bulb to hang inside. Enjoying an eco-friendly Diwali by making Diwali decoration on your own at home, keeps the festive spirit high. Even celebrating Diwali using earthen pots or diyas is a beautiful way of being eco-friendly.

Don’t overlook the aroma

Diwali smell is a combination of fireworks, sweets, and winter. Adding something special with the flower decoration has a lingering, long-lasting smell. It spreads the aroma with the breeze that anyone present in your home gets transported into a beautiful world.


Diwali is a splendid festival and is loved by everyone that people go gung-ho over it and try to trigger happiness with different Diwali decorations.


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