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Christmas Party Game For Kids: Ball Race

Christmas Party Game For Kids

Its mid of November already and most of the people around might be busy in planning the Christmas celebrations next month. If you are planning for a Christmas Party for Kids, try this Christmas party game for kids this year. I will name it – Ball Race.

Ball Race: Christmas Party Game For Kids

Christmas Party Game For Kids


The image above says it all. You just need a few plastic cups, ping-pong balls and the board pipes for this game. You can use any kind of pipe for this game, may it be a roll of incense sticks, foil paper, cover paper or anything else.

Stick the plastic cups to the end of the table using a duct tape and call the kids to the playing area. Make all the kids sit on the chairs or stand according to their own comfort level. Give them a pipe and a ball each. The challenge here is to put the ball in the plastic cup hung at the table end by blowing the balls. The rule here is that they cannot touch the balls with hands and have to roll it only by blowing the air through the pipes. This is a one minute challenge though, but you can keep it as a race where the kid who puts the ball in the glass first will win the race.

This is not particularly a game for kids and you can also keep it as a game for adults in your Christmas party or any other party. This is also a suitable ladies kitty party game.

Hope I am clear with the game but if you still have any doubt in this Christmas party game for kids or any other games in my website, you can leave a comment below in the comment box. I am right here to help you out with all your party games and ideas.



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