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September 21, 2019

New Mehandi Designs For Teej and Rakshabandhan: Teej 2019

New Mehandi Designs For Teej and Rakshabandhan. Rakshabandhan and Teej are just around the corner. Both of these Indian festivals are very special. While Teej is a festival for husband and wife, Rakshabandhan is for brothers and sisters. Every wife and every sister wants to get dolled up on these festivals and when we talk […]

Fun Couple Games For Your Parties

Good fun couple games can certainly double the fun in your parties. While drinks, food, music, and party decor plays a very important role in the success of a party but if you are not having some interesting party games for your guests, they might get bored. Because not everyone is interested in drinks or […]

rakhi tambola

Funny Rakhi Tambola Ticket For Ladies Kitty Party

Rakhi tambola ticket. August month is almost here and Rakshabandhan or Rakhi is one of the most prominent kitty party theme for this month. When we talk about a kitty party, tambola is the first thing that comes into our minds. Though the kitty party scenes are changing with time and it is more of […]

How To Avoid Pregnancy: Effective and Proven Way

What will be the methods to avoid pregnancy? There could be many reasons why one wants to know how to avoid pregnancy, many due to career reasons; few don’t want to handle the burden of being pregnant and some are not just physically ready to have a baby, because being a parent is not easy. […]

Bedroom decor ideas to change the game

Bedroom decor ideas. At the end of the long, hard and hectic day nothing can beat the power of a calm, cosy and stylish bedroom in your home and if feels more calm when your room is amazingly designed and a good furniture is the plus point which enhances the beauty of your bedroom but […]