10 Best Christmas Games For Kids Of All Ages

fun games for kids

A birthday party, especially with kids can never be happy without some interesting and fun-filled birthday party games. Today in this post, we will learn about 25 Best Birthday Party Games that you can play in your kids’ birthday party and make them happy. I am sharing 10 Best Christmas Games For Kids which you can play with the kids of the age group- 7-15.


  1. Prize-Prize
  2. Sponge Relay
  3. Cheetos-sheetos
  4. Cupid Arrow
  5. Chocolate Stack
  6. Be a Reindeer
  7. Face the cookies
  8. Dental Cap Delight
  9. Feeling Bag
  10. Q-Pins and Cups

10 Best Christmas Games For Kids Of All Ages

1. Prize-Prize- Fun game for kids birthday party

In this game, we will give a prize to every child, after all, we want to make them happy. To play this game with the kids in a birthday party, you have to make some big square paper sheets or cardboard sheets and number them. Now paste all those sheets on the floor with tape. Make all those number chits and keep them in a bowl too. Now start the music and when the music stops, every child has to go and stand on some number sheet on the floor. Now the host will take out a chit from the bowl full of numbers and the child whose number is chosen will get a prize and leave the game. The game continues till every child wins a prize.

2. Cheetos-Sheetos

Yes, this is a bit messy game and you will need the diapers, the shaving cream, and Cheetos for this game. However, kids love playing messy games, so this is one of the perfect fun games for kids. Now, this is again a team game. One of the team members will wear the baby diaper as a shower cap and the host will apply a lot of shaving cream over it. The challenge for the team here is to throw the Cheetos from a distance so that they go and stick on the cap with shaving cream. The team which manages to throw the maximum number of Cheetos will be the winner. Do not forget to draw a line before you start the game.

3. Cupid Arrow

To play this game with the kids on your Christmas Party, Call the kids to the playing area and make them stand in a row. Give them a straw each and around 10 buds. Make a start and finish line before you start the game. Keep a large bowl at the finish line. The challenge for kids is to blow the bud through the straw in such a way that it lands in the bowl.
Each child will get 10-15 chances and the kid who put the maximum number of buds in the bowl will be the winner of the game or will bag a point for his team

Read more about this game

4. Chocolate Stack

As the name suggests, the kids have to stack the chocolate here but no, they have to actually stack the chocolate cakes on their forehead. The kid who stacks the maximum number of mini cakes on the forehead for the given time limit will be the winner of course.

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5. Be a Reindeer- Funny Christmas Game For Kids and Adults

Things you need for this game-

  • Vaseline Petroleum Jelly
  • Pom Pom balls
  • Strings
  • Fake Reindeer Antlers

Before you start game apply Vaseline on player’s nose and the Reindeer’s horns on their head. Place string with a ball attached in the mouth. When the time starts, player may begin moving his/her head in an attempt to get the ball to stay on their petroleum jelly covered nose. Players can not use their hands in any way. The ball must rest on the player’s nose for at least 5-8 seconds and the player will get just 60 seconds to make these attempts.

If the string falls out of the player’s mouth, they can pick it up and place it back in their mouth. It will create more fun if you hang a bell in the player’s neck just as we see in America’s famous Reindeer’s neck.

6. Face The Cookies- Best Game For Christmas

The best thing about this game is that you can play this will all the kids at one time. Just make them stand or sit in a row and give them one cookie each. The challenge for the kids is to keep the cookies on their foreheads and eat it without using their hands. They just have to move the facial muscles and bring the cookies down from the forehead to their mouth.

Watch this video to know more about this game

8. Dental Cap Delight – Fun Christmas Game For Kids

This is one of the funniest and 10 Best Christmas Games For Kids I have ever arranged for my family. This suits best in the list of family party games. In this game, the player will use a cap spin to pick up the toothbrush from the bristles from one brush holder and keep it in the other stand kept at a distance. The time limit for this game is 60 seconds and the player has to shift two toothbrushes in the time frame from one holder to another.

9. Feeling Bag

You will need:  A large bag A number of objects found in the woodland e.g. acorn, stick, pinecone, feather

The activity:

  • Once the children are familiar with objects they may find around the wood, get one child to choose an item from the bag without taking it out
  • They describe the object to the rest of the group which has to guess what it is
  • The correct guesser gets the next go.

10. Q Pins and Cups: One of the Best Christmas Games For Kids

fun games for kids

This is a common game but is still interesting to play with the kids at a birthday party. In this game, you will need the plastic cups, make sure you take the lightweight cups. Now give one straw to each kid and they will play the game turn by turn. Make a pyramid of the cups on the floor or a table and the challenge for the kids is to blow the cups down using their straw pipes and the earbuds. The kid who manages to break the pyramid the best will be the winner.

You can watch more of my game videos on my YouTube channel Kitty Groups Online.




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