10 Best 1 Minute Games For Ladies Kitty Party

1 minute kitty games

Hello everyone today I am sharing 10 of my best 1 minute games for your ladies kitty party. Though I have hundreds of more interesting and funny kitty party games here in my blog, these are just the games which I always love to play with my kitty party friends.

Best 1 Minute Games For Kitty Party

  1. PennyHose Coin Hunt

This is such a funny and interesting game that you will die laughing in your kitty party. It is even funnier and hilarious when played with men. So you can play this game in your couple kitty party as well. In this challenge, two coins are kept at the end of two legs in a pantyhose and the player has to reach the coins in one minute and take them out. The player cannot use one arm to help another. The game seems to be easy, but it is not at all easy to get into the pantyhose without any help.

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2. Go Blind- 1 minute games

This is a simple game, actually looks like a simple game but it isn’t. It is absolute fun to see the kitty party members blindfold struggling with the cotton balls on their heads. Here the challenge for the members is to take the cotton balls from the bowl on their head to the plate kept aside. Remember that this is a blindfold game.

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3.Noodle up your paste

To play this game you need noodles and penne pasta. Call all the men in the playing area and give them one spaghetti noodle each. Now scatter many penne pastas on a table . The players have to pick the penne pasta from their noodle. A spaghetti can carry around 5 pasta. The player who manages to pick 5  pastas in noodles in one minute will be declared the winner of the game.

Watch this video to know this game better-

4. Tamatar re Tamatar- funny 1 minute game

This is certainly one of the best 1 minute games for your ladies kitty party and your members will definitely love the game. In this game you need tomatoes, tooth picks and straw pipes. The challenge for the members here is to insert the straw pipes in the toothpicks already pricked in the tomatoes.

Watch the video below to understand the game better

5. Longest Line In The Room

In this game, the members have to make the longest line with all they have in their purse. Yes, you read that right. The game is about making the longest line with all your belongings. Although the game includes clothing also but I kept it out. I mean I didn’t allow members to use their clothing to make the longer line. Well, you may include the clothing also if you want.

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6. Frozen Shirt

This is one of the best 1 minute games for the kitty party in summers but will be fun if you play it in winters too.

To play this game in your summers kitty party, you need to do the preparation a day before your kitty party. You need to freeze a shirt, and to do so, you have to fold a shirt and pack it in a polythene bag. Then add water in that polythene and keep it in the freezer for a day, so that the water inside the bag freezes and you get the frozen shirt.

Now how to play the game Frozen Shirt.

You will call the members one by one to play the game or if you can arrange many shirts, you can call them all together to play the game. Give one frozen shirt to each member and start the timer.

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7. Stack the candies

To arrange this party game in any of your parties, you need many square-shaped candies and ice-cream sticks. If you can manage you can call 8-10 players together to play this game or else you can call them one by one. This is a one-minute party game and every player will get one minute to stack the candies on the ice-cream sticks. This is a party game for all ages and you can arrange this game in any of your parties, may it be a birthday party, an office party, a baby shower party or a hen’s party with all the ladies around. To play this game all you need are a few candies and the ice cream sticks.

Just like other 1 minute games, when this game starts, players will hold the ice-cream stick in their mouths and stack the candies on it. The member who manages to balance a maximum number of candies on the stick will be the winner of this party game.

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8. Heads On

The games goes like this. When all your kitty members or the party guests are arrived give them a white disposable plate and a sketch pen each. All the guests then have to keep the plate on their heads and the host will start saying the words related to Christmas or anything occasional. The members then will draw the things announced by the host. In the end, the member who draws the maximum correct number of things will be the winner.

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9. Money Biscuits

Call the player to the playing area one by one and give them a bowl full of different sized coins and a Marie Gold biscuit. Set your stopwatch to one minute and blow the whistle. When the timer starts, the lady has to hold the biscuit in her mouth and start balancing the coins over it. The best part is that the different sized coins are not easy to balance and she can’t look down to grab the similar coins as well. This is one of the simplest yet funniest 1 minute games. If you have many members in your kitty party, it is suggested to first divide them into teams and then, call one member from each team to play the challenge. The member who stacks the maximum number of coins will grab a point for her team. Do let me know if you liked this game and also feel free to share your ideas on ladies kitty party one-minute games here on my website.

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10. 1 Minute Game With Tambola

To play this one minute game in your ladies kitty party, first, scatter all the tambola numbers on the table randomly. Keep them up so that the numbers are visible. Now give one straw to each member and the challenge for them is to suck the numbers using the straw pipe and place them on the board consecutively. The lady who plays the challenge best will be the winner obviously. You can play this game individually or in a team.If you have more members in your kitty party, divide them first into the teams and then call one member from each team to play the game.

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These were my best 1 minute games list for your ladies kitty party but you can play these games in your office party or in your couple kitties as well. Do let me know which one did you like the most.








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