Krishna Janamashtami Tambola Ticket

krishna janamashatami tambola ticket coppy

On popular demand I have designed this krishna janamashtami tambola ticket today. This is pretty similiar to the Tapori Theme Tambola Ticket I designed a few days back. This tambola ticket has the lines from famous Krishna Bhajans and there are numbers written on the lines. Krishna Janamashtami Tambola Ticket   Things required Printouts of […]

Independence Day Tambola: 15th August Kitty Party

independence day tambola

It’s mid-July already and as we all know next month we have our Independence Day on 15th August. So if you are planning to throw an Independence Day Theme Kitty Party, I have a special Independence Day Tambola Ticket. Independence Day Tambola Ticket   Things required Independence Day Tambola Ticket printouts Tambola numbers Tambola board How […]

Teej Tambola: Kitty Party Games

happy teej tambola

Now when the Indian festival Teej is fast approaching, ladies are looking for the teej tambola and teej theme party games all over the internet. Today I am sharing a specially designed teej tambola ticket for your ladies kitty party. You just need to download the image and get the printouts, according to the strength […]