Tambola Ticket – Pregnancy Theme Tambola Ticket

We played a different tambola today in our kitty party with the simple tambola ticket. It was a great fun playing this pregnancy theme tambola game. To play this different tambola game you need just the simple tambola ticket. You will play this tambola game with two tambola tickets at a time. Take a piece of paper and paste two tambola tickets on it and divide each paper to the kitty members.

tambola ticket

Theme tambola ticket

As I said this is a pregnancy theme tambola ticket, the dividends are also designed accordingly. You don’t have any lines in this game. The dividends in this special theme tambola ticket are –

  1. I conceived (early five)
  2. 1st month
  3. 2nd month
  4. 3rd month
  5. 4th month
  6. 5th month
  7. 6th month
  8. 7th month
  9. 8th month
  10. 9th month
  11. Delivered the baby (full house)

It was a great fun playing this different tambola game in the kitty party. The only rule in this special theme tambola game is that if you got the 9th month first, you won’t be eligible for playing the rest of the months. For example if you got the prize for 5th month, you cannot play for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th month.

Hope you got me. If you have any doubt for this tambola game, feel free to leave your comment in the comment box below.

Enjoy :)


  1. Deepshikha says

    Wow shiwangi this is a very nice and interesting tambola game and will definitely create fun. I am gonna keep this tambola game in my next kitty for sure. Thanku for sharing.

  2. Kashish says

    Lovely game shiwangi, I always wonder where do you get such interesting ideas from. I am happy that I subscribed for mail and now I can get all your latest games right in my mail box. Love you shiwangi, keep posting.

    • shiwangi says

      Thnq kashish. These are all ideas from my kitty members here. This is the love and demands from my readers which make me design these creative tambola tickets and games. Thanks for subscribing.

  3. Amna Hussain says

    I love this tambola game and I feel that it will be a great fun to have this tambola game in couple kitty. Men enjoy such witty and naughty games you see :) Thanks for sharing shiwangi

  4. Divya says

    Hey Shiwangi I live in London and your website always help us to enjoy in our Indian club here in our society. I am a big fan of your creativity and always love to arrange your games in my Indian club meets here in London. Keep posting, we love reading your games.
    This tambola game and tambola ticket are very interesting indeed.

    • shiwangi says

      Thank divya, I am glad that my blog is getting popular not just in India but in London also. This is our online kitty party group and wee need to expands it more :) Love u too

  5. upasna says

    hello, shiwangi mujhe pregnency theme & tambola tickets bahut acche lage mai apni agli kitty mai use karungi,kya aap mujhe pregnency theme ke game bata sakti hai ,’please’

  6. vandana says

    Hi shivangi….i am playing this game wid 3 tkts…wnt to know if d full house wld b for 1 tkt or all 3 tkts combined

        • says

          No Disha…I have played this game in my kitty party and it goes very well with great fun and if you think that it would be ties in two tickets you can arrange this game with three tickets also as you want to play it in a big gathering.

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