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Kitty Party Themes : Karva Chauth Theme Kitty Party

Kitty Party Themes . October 22rd is Karva Chauth and most of the Indian women will plan their kitty party this month as Karva Chauth Theme Kitty Party. I am getting many mails and messages from the Kitty Groups members to post a Karva Chauth Theme ideas and games and so here I am with complete Karva Chauth Theme Kitty Party. karva chauth tambola

Dresscode for Karva Chauth Theme Kitty Party

It is quite obvious actually. You can keep the red outfits as the dresscode for Karva Chauth Theme Kitty Party. Make it traditional Indian red dresses to be more precise.

Kitty Party Themes

Party Games For Karva Chauth Theme Kitty Party

Karva Chauth Theme Tambola Game20130917_212022

I have made this special tambola game for Karva Chauth Kitty. Unlike the other tambola games you do not need to call out the numbers here. You will rather dictate the famous Karva Chauth story for this tambola game. I have actually amended the original karva chauth story a bit to suit best with tambola games. I didn’t mean to hurt anyone’s emotions by modifying this karva chauth story and it was just a small try to make a suitable tambola for karva chauth kitty party. Read More

Make a trail of bangles Party Games

This is a one minute party game and you have to call the members one by one to play this game. Start the time and ask the member to make a trail of bangles using the safety pins. The game is simple as that, the member making the longest trail of red bangles in one minute will win this party game. Read More

Can you handle the bangles20130917_211918

For this party game you need some bangles and nothing else. This is a one minute party gameand best suitable as ladies kitty party games. To play this game you have to call the members one by one and make them hang 5 bangles in their fingers as you can see in the image below. When the time begins the member have to put all the bangles in ring finger without taking help of any other body part. You can also keep it as a time set game as the member who finishes the task in minimum time will be the winner. Read More

Bangles in roller pins2013-05-02 15.09.20

For this party game you need a roller pin and many bangles. Make sure that you have many colored bangles and some red bangles. Keep all those bangles in one big bowl. This is a one minute party game and you have to call the members one by one to play this game. Read More

Paper Party Game – Connect the wordsconnect the words

This is a paper party game on the theme of karva chauth. It is simple connecting the words game but is an interesting one. Read More

So, these were my games for Karva Chauth Theme Kitty Party. Do let me know if you have some more of such games relevant to this kitty party  themes. 

Click on Read More after each game to know more about that game.

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  1. Hi shiwangi i didn’t understand this game properly but it seems intresting so pls send me the solution of this game

  2. We are organising karwa chauth party !! Can u suggest some good name??

  3. I have seen ur karva chauth related tambola game…its nice but i need some more tambola games related to it…if its possible for u plz arrange

  4. can u pls post some more karva chauth tambola games.

  5. Hey.. ur games r superb. .. n thanx 4 good ideas. .. if u have any paper game so send it … something different. …

  6. d new games r really osm… kiss ur husband..n d other heart one too…. (Y) cud u suggest any game on music masti theme.. plzz

  7. Can u pl mail the karva chauth tambola story..not able to download the story. ..

  8. gud games….keep posting.

  9. Hi dear
    I am organizing a karwa get together for around 100 ladies
    Pls suggest sm games which are practical in such big group

  10. Hello shiwangi ji, can u pls send me asap some impressive wording for karva chauth invitation, I will be so thankfull to u ….. thanks … manu

    • Hello Manu Ji…check out these invitations-

      “May d Sindoor testify ur Prayers 4 ur Husbands Long Lyf,
      The Mangal Sutra Reminds u Of the Promises dat Binds u.
      & The Color Of Mehndi prove The Depth Of ur Love.”
      Join Us at Deedar-e-Chand”
      “Sarv suhagan, Chaubare Khadi’ can also be also the name of party and the invite
      “Chand ki chamak ke saath
      Saanso ki mehak ke saath;
      Shraddha ki raat liye
      Vishwass ki saugat liye’
      Sajai hai humne ek raath
      Taaron ki baarat liye..”

  11. Hi shiwani u r awsome……ur story is too gud ….but i cant downlod it plzz can u mail me ur most thanku ….

  12. hiii amazing game … bt i wnat d answer fr it

  13. Hi Shiwangi, I want to ask you that if I need to play the tambola using ur Karwa katha, do need to get some paper cards or some other tech?

    • Hey Preet. No you can play this story tambola from the normal tambola tickets. No need to buy any special cards..

      • Hi shiwangi..ur krva tambola game was a super hit…thanx..now tomorow is my niece first bday..I want again a bday related tambola game..theme for d party is Minnie mouse..rply asap

        • Hey Aarti I am glad that your kitty went good and everyone enjoyed the karva chauth tambola. I have a lovely birthday tambola tickets but as you said the birthday is tom, so I don’t think you can get it by then.

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